The Amazing Flex System from Mossberg

We are welcoming O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. as new sponsors to our website. And Mossberg has an amazing number of new products that are worthy of your consideration. You can check the whole line out by just clicking on their logo which appears on this page, or going to

The Flex System from MossbergHowever, in my view the most interesting concept is called the Mossberg Flex System. This is built around their 500/590 series shotguns and consists of a whole array of barrels, butt stocks, and forearms, that can be mixed and matched to design the specific shotgun that meets your needs.

Mossberg has designed the Flex System so that you can switch barrels, stocks, and forearms, in minutes and without tools. You can literally transform your upland bird gun into a waterfowling piece and then, once you get home, convert it back to a home defense shotgun. There are no tools needed and the transformation only takes minutes. More importantly, you can select, and purchase, only the accessories that meet your own personal shotgunning needs.

At the 2012 SHOT Show, I watched as Mossberg shotguns were transformed, in minutes, from sporting shotguns to defensive shotguns and back again. All together, there are 11 base models of the shotguns in all-purpose, hunting, and tactical models. The Flex System also has four metal finishes, along with Break-up Infinity and Max-4 Camo. With this great selection, there is bound to be a combination to suit just about everyone.

Mossberg is one of the traditional names in American firearms. It stands for quality, dependability, and good service. It is a distinct pleasure to have them associated with our website.

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