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Memories & A Sixgun

My uncle, Taylor Wilson, was the gun guy in our family. Taylor had grown up in West Dallas,during the Depression, and knew what hard times really meant. He was on speaking terms with other West Dallas residents, namely the Barrow … Continue reading

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An Arizona Gunfight

While most people think of the gunfight at the OK Corral when you talk about Arizona gunfights, one other comes to mind that is a classic piece of Old West history. This one happened in Holbrook, Arizona Territory, on September … Continue reading

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Team Tactics for Two

So you just woke up to the thing that you’ve dreaded the most. Something went bump in the night. Actually, it sounded like the glass in your patio door being shattered and now you hear footsteps and voices. No doubt … Continue reading

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The Select Slug Drill

There’s no doubt that the defensive shotgun is an awesome weapon. A load of buckshot–or slug–placed properly will usually give the bad guy extremely celestial thoughts. We used to say that his case would be pled to a Higher Court. … Continue reading

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