Accessory That Makes Sense

The AR family of rifles is one of those for which the accessory manufacturers give thanks every day. The whole platform is tailor-made to add all sorts of accessories, some of them useful and some of them not so useful. I still amazes me to see people take this relatively light rifle and add enough stuff to it until it weighs in at 8 pounds, or better.

However, one thing that every rifle needs is a good trigger–if the shooter ever expects to hit anything. A heavy, creepy trigger is simply an enemy of good accuracy and the ability to place precise shots in the field. So while I can forgo the addition of rocket launchers, bayonets, spot-lights, and all sorts of other Commando Cody-looking stuff, I do want my rifle to have a good, serviceable trigger. One such is the AR Trigger from Timney Triggers.

Timney’s AR trigger is a 100% drop-in unit that gives a smooth, crisp, single-stage pull. The pull weight is set at the factory and the customer can specify either a 3, 4, or 4.5-pound pull. The anodized trigger housing is made from lightweight 6061 T6 alloy, while the hammer is EDM machined from S7 tool steel. Other parts are cut from A2 tool steel and then heat treated for longer service life. Timney’s AR trigger installs using the existing hammer/trigger pins and a proprietary design eliminates pin rotation and walkout.

So a fellow should always be very conservative about what gadgets he hangs on a fighting rifle. But, for goodness sakes, get a good trigger. Timney Triggers is the place to look.


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