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Single Actions for Defense?

While the single-action revolver may not be the best choice for personal defense, we should remember that single actions took care of that chore for many years. It is also worth considering that there are a lot of folks out … Continue reading

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Tribute to a Hunting Buddy

My friend, Dr. Dean Taylor, passed away last week. I first met Dean a few years ago when he was taking a Gunsite rifle class with Il Ling New, his favorite instructor. In his professional life, Dean was a cardiologist … Continue reading

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Living on the Edge

I honestly can’t remember when I got my first pocket knife. I must have been pretty young, say around 6 or 7, and I’m sure it wasn’t much of a knife. I got my first good knife, though, when I … Continue reading

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Accessory That Makes Sense

The AR family of riflesĀ is one of those for which the accessory manufacturers give thanks every day. The whole platform is tailor-made to add all sorts of accessories, some of them useful and some of them not so useful. I … Continue reading

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