The Bedside Solution

People who are serious about home defense often have a problem deciding just where to put the handgun that they will rely on should a criminal attack occur during the night. Should they put it on the nightstand, among all the other clutter that usually ends up there? Should they lay it on the floor by the bed and take the chance that the gun is accidentally kicked under the bed? Or should they just stuff it under their pillow and hope that they don’t inadvertently let a shot off during restless sleep or a nightmare?

Crossbreed Holsters has come up with a unique solution to securing the bedside defensive handgun. It’scalled the Bedside Backup. The unit consists of two flat pieces of polymer that easily join together, with one piece going between the mattress and box springs, while the other piece hangs vertically. A holster is attached to that vertical piece by the hook & loop system (we can’t say “Velcro” because that is a trademark).

The unit can be situated along the bed to provide the most accessible location, depending upon the individual’s arm length. It can be secured on either side of the bed. And the holster can be ordered with a right or left-handed holster depending upon the user’s preference. Naturally, the Bedside Backup holster can be ordered for the vast majority of popular handguns.

A couple of additional things appeal to me about the Bedside Backup. First, you can obviously order two of the units so that your spouse will also have quick access to a defensive handgun. And the second is that the unit quickly comes apart and can be packed flat to more easily fit into a suitcase when you travel. We have all experienced staying in motels that were in a less than desirable neighborhood and the Bedside Backup keeps a defensive handgun close at hand should unwanted visitors show up.

Crossbreed Holsters’ Bedside Backup is a truly unique defensive unit. It is simple and quick to install and functions without a lot of tricky security features. Crossbreed Holsters is a sponsor of this blog and you can click on the Crossbreed logo, to the right, and go directly to their web site. Check out their other neat gear while you are over there.

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