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Trigger the Shot

We could talk all day about what constitutes an accurate rifle. Some would immediately mention the importance of a good barrel, others the need for a properly fitted stock, and even others would point out the role that good sights … Continue reading

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Classic Cartridges: The .44 Special

The .44 Special cartridge is the result of cartridge evolution initiated by Smith & Wesson. It actually began with the .44 Russian cartridge, which drove a 246 gr. Bullet at about 750fps. Smith & Wesson wanted to develop a similar … Continue reading

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Let’s Hear It for the Hawgs!

Feral pigs have been in the news lately. Just last week there was a news report that discussed the feral hog problem in the state of New York. Well, I’m really not surprised. Years ago, an old friend told me … Continue reading

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On the Trail of the Australian Wild Ox

The Australian wild ox is one of several bovine that the British released in northern Australia about 1850. The big bulls run 1800 to 2000 pounds and are as wild and spooky as a Texas whitetail buck. Not long ago, … Continue reading

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