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One to Rely On

On many occasions Col. Jeff Cooper said that all a defensive handgun really needed was major caliber, reliability, good sights, and a good trigger.  Anything else is added only if it proves to be absolutely necessary.  In short, his idea of … Continue reading

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The .45 Colt: A History

The .45 Colt cartridge was actually the beginning of the search for effective big-bore handgun cartridges. And this 139-year-old cartridge is still around because it is as effective and useful as it was in the days of the American frontier. … Continue reading

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Shooting Industry News

GUNSITE ACADEMY – GLOCK 25TH ANNIVERSARY CLASS – OCT. 10-14 The Gunsite Academy has a few more slots open for their Glock 25th Anniversary class. In addition to the #250 class, students will learn the history of Glock and receive … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Sheriff’s Tip – The Quick Peek

When taking a look around a barricade or some other type of cover, one technique I don’t recommend is “The Quick Peek.” It lets the bad guys know where you are, doesn’t allow you to be in a position to … Continue reading

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