Book Review: The Last Peace Officer

The Last Peace Officer renders a cutting-edge, authentic look at the players in, and the nature of, the drug war on both sides of the Rio Grande. No one can understand the region by just listening to voices from the north side. Texas folklorist J. Frank Dobie knew this, which made his stories of the Southwest so compelling. A.Z. Hays also knows this and, through Texas lawman Toby Brite, gives an honest voice to all borderlands’ residents in a time and place where individuals are only as good as the ground they cover and the traditions they choose to uphold.  He and I would say, “Nuestra raices están aquí.” — “Our roots are here.”


To order The Last Peace Officer send $18.95 + $5 S&H (check or money order) to:
Johnson Ranch & Trading Post Productions
P.O. Box 2452
Alpine, TX 79831


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