Accuracy, Power & Speed: Defensive Handgun Training At Its Best

Even an experienced law enforcement veteran like the Sheriff can benefit from good defensive firearms training. Here’s what he learned at a recent visit to Gunsite.

Let’s suppose for just a moment that you have recently completed your concealed-carry licensing class. You spent a few hours in a classroom, mainly going over your state’s pertinent laws, and you spent a few more hours on the shooting range, banging away at a rather large target–primarily demonstrating that you could do that without shooting yourself.

Now let’s fast-forward a couple of weeks to a dark, restaurant parking lot, where three armed thugs are intent on taking your money, your car, your lady friend, and your life. Wouldn’t that be a terrible time to realize that you really needed more training in order to adequately protect you and yours? When you think about it, only a fool would try to fly an airplane without first taking lessons. Trying to play the piano without lessons could also be life threatening, depending upon the temperament of your family and neighbors. Fortunately, there is good defensive training available, if the individual will only take advantage of it. And it could save your life–literally.

I have sung the praises of the Gunsite Academy from time to time in the pages of Shooting Times. Located in northern Arizona near the town of Paulden, Gunsite was founded in the mid-1970s by Col. Jeff Cooper, the father of the “Modern Technique of the Pistol.” Owen “Buz” Mills, the current owner, is dedicated to continuing the tradition begun by Col. Cooper and to providing realistic, practical defensive training for military, law enforcement, and honest citizens.

Read the rest of the article at Shooting Times.

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