Gunsite Helps Preserve Highly Perishable Skills

picture-2In October of 2006, I spent a week at Gunsite. This is the school that the late Col. Jeff Cooper founded out north of Prescott, Arizona. I was there as a guest of Smith & Wesson, and a host of other companies, to spend the week shooting and using new products. I also had the chance to spend time with the new owner, Buz Mills, and his fine staff. I was impressed enough with their teaching skills that I booked another school with them for May of 2007.

Gunsite is a great place to learn the basics of defensive use of the handgun, as well as develop useful skills with the rifle and shotgun. A little over a year ago, I visited with a lady from Arizona who wanted to learn defensive handgun skills and get her Arizona Concealed Carry license. At my suggestion, she booked a class at Gunsite and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Later, I wrote her story up for one of my Gun Smoke columns.

But Gunsite is far more than a school for beginners. Its a great place for experienced shooters to re-sharpen their shooting skills. Thats the reason that Im going back in May. Left to our own devices, we tend to practice what were already good at. A good shooting school will make you stretch just a bit and work on those things that need improvement.

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