Classic Firearms: The Browning Superposed

John M. Browning was truly the Master of American Firearms. He designed great pistols, great repeating rifles, and tools of war that have underscored America’s power in two world wars and countless little dust-ups around the world. It is somewhat ironic then that his very last firearm design was for a break-open, two-shot shotgun. But that is exactly what happened. Continue reading

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Ugartechea Side x Side For Sale

This is a like-new Ugartechea Grade II 12 gauge… with English stock with slight cast-off for RH shooter, double triggers, 28-inch barrels (IC & Mod). This gun is virtually brand new, without a blemish on it, and—with the way it is set up—it is just about perfect for upland bird hunting.

Current retail on the gun is $2,095.00. But you can own it for a good bit less. Serious inquiries can contact me at

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Federal Trophy Bonded Tip: Great Hunting Ammo

Federal Trophy Bonded Tip Great Hunting Ammo by Sheriff Jim WilsonAs most of you know, I believe very strongly in using quality ammunition when hunting big game. Bullets kill by destroying critical tissue and a good bullet is designed to get to those vitals under whatever shooting conditions might exist. I am a fan of the Barnes TSX bullet because I have seen it work on really tough critters, like cape buffalo, Asian buffalo, and Australian wild ox. Continue reading

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Transpecos Mule Deer

Sheriff Jim Wilson with a Transpecos Mule Deer taken with the Federal 165 grain Trophy Bonded Tip cartridge in .30/06It has been an interesting deer season, to say the least, here in the Transpecos region of West Texas. To begin with, we have had a lot of rain this past year, all over the area. So there is still a lot of cover and the deer simply have not had to go far to get a full belly. In addition, the weather has yet to cooperate, with only a few days below freezing. What I’m saying that you just don’t see a lot of deer out and about, looking for their next meal. Continue reading

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