Short-Range Confrontations: Defending Yourself at Close Quarters

The next time you are downtown or at the shopping mall, take a minute and notice how close people stand to each other when they talk. We even allow total strangers to stand that close to use during a conversation. Usually, there is only a couple of feet distance between two people. Now imagine what happens when that conversation turns into a criminal attack.

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Build Your Self-Defense Skills: Study Attacks

I often fear that we put too much emphasis on guns and gear when we consider our own personal defense. A person can be armed with the latest firearm, the very best ammunition, and still lose the fight. It happens because we fail to see the trouble brewing until it is right in our face. At that point, it may be entirely too late to put all that excellent equipment to use in time to make a difference. In addition to the surprise, we may have never given serious thought of what to do when violence is visited upon us.

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Is Your COVID-19 Pandemic Home-Defense Plan Ready?

Dealing with something like this current virus pandemic causes a lot of changes and frustrations for all of us. Rumors abound, and we don’t know what to believe or when it will end. Situations like this will bring out the best in people, and it will bring out the worst in people. And it is an important time for people to consider their safety precautions.

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Choose What Works: Trends in Self-Defense Training

Appendix carry, inside-the-waistband, strongside, shoulder holster… All are viable methods of carrying your preferred handgun concealed. Which is best? Decide for yourself by trying them out rather than merely following trends.

Back when I got into this business, defensive shooting was all about revolvers. All the novices had to remember that Colt cylinders turned clockwise while Smith & Wesson cylinders went the other way. Firearm instructors had worked out quick ways to dump empties from the revolver and reload from cartridge loops. Then, along came speedloaders, and it was back to the drawing board as we figured out the best way to deploy and carry them. Nowadays, the DA revolver is seeing a resurgence of popularity. Consequently, we are finding that this current generation of semi-automatic-oriented shooters is having to relearn defensive revolver skills.

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