New for 2019: Nighthawk Custom Korth Ranger .357 Mag.

Walking around the show floor at the annual SHOT Show is like being back in high school; you fall in love with a different gun every five minutes, and this year is no different. Korth has partnered with Nighthawk Custom to bring to the market the new Ranger revolver chambered in .357 Mag, and it had me twitterpated in 3.5 seconds flat.

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Purpose-Built Defensive Ammo: Find It and Use It

Purpose Built Defensive Ammunition, Sheriff Jim Wilson

I have to confess that, somewhere along the line, I became an ammo snob. Now this wasn’t something that I had done intentionally; it just happened. While there is some really good defensive ammunition out there built for all kinds of particular uses, I had never believed in using specialized bullets for different tasks. I always felt that it was way more important to just learn to hit stuff with whatever ammo you had chosen and settled on using.

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Head vs. Holster: The Importance of a Solid Self-Defense Mindset

The three elements of the solid self-defense mindset.

I saw a statement on social media to the effect of “personal defense begins in your head, not your holster,” and wish I could remember whom to credit for this piece of wisdom. I wish I had thought it up because it says so much about what it takes to stay safe in today’s world. As gunwriters, we spend most of our time talking about defensive firearms. And firearms are a big part of the personal-defense picture. But, they are in truth only a part of the bigger picture.

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Surviving a Gunfight: Tips for Preparation & Problem-Solving

Surviving a gunfight preparation gunsite academy sheriff jim wilson

You can engrave this in your brain–A gunfight is going to be what it’s going to be. It will probably come as a complete surprise. The attack will most likely come much faster than a person expects. And it will undoubtedly involve elements that the person has not thought about. In short, it creates a life-threatening problem that the armed citizen has to solve and solve quickly.

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