Custom Guns: Why?

A Nighthawk Customs 1911 in .38 Super Sheriff Jim Wilson
I was a guest of Nighthawk Custom at the recent NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville. It is no secret that I am a fan of the Nighthawk 1911 and I have one in .38 Super that is as fine a 1911 pistol as I have ever owned or shot. However, shooters—especially new shooters—often ask why anyone really needs to go to the expense of obtaining a custom-made gun. Let me see if I can explain the reasoning behind the things that motivate me to shoot and rely on custom guns. Continue reading

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Border Bravo is Available Again

Border Bravo is Jim Wilson's first album. West of Somewhere was his long-awaited follow-up.
Buscadero Productions has re-issued my first album, BORDER BRAVO. We recorded this album of western songs at Lubbock, Texas, in 2002. In 2003, the album won Best Traditional Album of the Year from the Western Music Association. Continue reading

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The Mossberg Patriot

The new Mossberg Patriot in .308 Winchester. Sheriff Jim Wilson
This past week I spent several days at Gunsite shooting the Mossberg rifles. Since I already had an assignment from the American Rifleman, I spent the majority of my time with the Mossberg Patriot. Now you can go online and look at all the variations that Mossberg offers in the Patriot family of rifles – and there are quite a few. Continue reading

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A Fine Old Pistol

Sheriff Jim Wilson's 1932 Colt Government Model in .38 Super

The Colt Government Model that you see pictured is what I get for hanging around gun shows (I’ll swear, they are worse than beer joints!!!). What it is is a 1932 Government Model in .38 Super, complete with the proper two-tone magazine. When I traded for it, it came with the factory checkered walnut stocks that were common at the time. The old, yellowed and vintage stag stocks that you see on it are compliments of my friend Ray Parga, at Del Valle Gunsmithing, in Marina, California. Continue reading

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