Gigs From Hell, Pt. II

Borrowed Time, Jim Jones, Sheriff Jim Wilson
Jim Jones is an old road-warrior buddy of mine. I figured you folks might like to hear from more Gigs From Hell stories and Jones was willing to share. Also, be sure to check out his own blog, “A Western Take.“ 

I’ve been a professional musician all of my adult life (technically an impossibility since you can be a musician or an adult but not both!). For the most part, I’ve loved it. There are times though, when I questioned why in the world I did it. Once in the early 80s, my Irish group played for a St. Paddy’s celebration for an airline group and they kept asking us to play disco. We made up a little “Irish disco” number on the spot which satisfied them for about fifteen minutes. It was a LONG two hour gig! Continue reading

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Gigs From Hell

Gigs From Hell, They Happen To Every Performer Sheriff Jim WilsonJust about every performer has some stories that we call “Gigs From Hell”, events that went so wrong that you just shake your head and wonder why you didn’t take up some other sort of endeavor. I’ve been fortunate, over the years, to have had only a few such negative experiences. But here’s one that still sticks in my memory. Continue reading

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Defensive Shotguns Part II

Defensive Shotguns Part II Sheriff Jim Wilson
In the market for your first defensive shotgun? Here are some shortcuts that will save you time, money, and grief. Continue reading

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Why I Like Shotguns

Why I love shotguns, Sheriff Jim Wilson
Richard Mann and I have this little running feud going. You see, he can’t stand shotguns and I wouldn’t keep house without one. Of course, I’m talking about fighting shotguns. Both of us are ex-lawmen and I guess we’ve just had different experiences. Or, it could just be that Richard has just imbibed too much of that corn recipe that West Virginia is famous for. He may not know that there is a difference between Jake and Shine, or found out too late. Continue reading

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