Get Your Spouse Involved – Make it a Team Effort

Photo by Zhang H on Unsplash

All too often, among married couples, the husband is the firearms enthusiast and the one interested in personal defense, while the wife relies on that protection. But, unfortunately, things don’t always work out well when that kind of thinking prevails. 

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Is Your Chamber Empty?

Lately, I have been hearing that a number of people carry their defensive semi-automatics without a round in the chamber. I suppose that this is most often done with the thought of increasing the safety of the handgun and avoiding a negligent discharge. However, it considerably defeats the purpose of the defensive handgun.

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Dry Firing Your Gun: Is it Safe?

Dry practice – practicing shooting techniques without using live ammunition – is an excellent way to strengthen the basic skills of good marksmanship. You notice I am using the term “Dry Practice,” instead of “Dry-Fire Practice,” in order to remind us that there is no firing, no loud noise and no bullet holes in stuff that you don’t want bullet holes in, when dry practice is done correctly and safely.

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Staying Alert: The Key for Personal Defense

creepy, shifty man loitering around ATM

Maintaining one’s alertness involves monitoring not only what’s happening, but also any person or object that appears to be out of place.

In personal-defense classes, we talk to the students about awareness. Some instructors love to use the term “keep your head on a swivel.” Then, there is Col. Cooper’s color code that many people don’t understand, and others distort. But, most of those classes are about shooting and little time is spent talking about how to keep from shooting. Knowing what is going on around you—and seeing potential problems while time and distance are in your favor—will ensure that you never have to shoot.

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