Defensive Handgun Choices

 Defensive Handgun Choices: The Browning Hi-Power 9mm Pistol

Selecting the best defensive handgun can be a difficult task, especially for those who are new to the whole business. The major problem is the fact that there are so many good handguns available today for personal defense. Continue reading

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The Handy Carbine

Mini 14 Carbine Sheriff Jim WilsonThere is no question that your chances of surviving a violent criminal attack increase greatly when you can get your hands on a long gun. As I have previously addressed the defensive shotgun, let’s take a look at the handy defensive carbine. Continue reading

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Using Pepper Spray for Personal Defense

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Not every defensive situation justifies the use of a firearm. Yet, too few people give consideration to having some sort of less-than-lethal defensive tool on their person. You might come under attack by a person who clearly is not armed with any deadly weapon yet is big and stout enough that you stand a good chance of being hurt. You might come under attack by a dog that is big enough to hurt you, but not big enough to cause death or serious bodily injury. In both cases, using your hands and feet to defend yourself might not be the best idea. A canister of pepper spray for personal defense might be a handy thing to have in those kinds of situations. Continue reading

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The Nighthawk Border Special 1911: Richard Mann’s Review

My longtime friend, hunter, and fellow gunwriter Richard Mann was good enough to shoot a review of the Border Special 1911.45 ACP I designed for Nighthawk Custom. Continue reading

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