A Jeep Gun

Sheriff Jim Wilson has chosen the Ruger tactical Mini-14 as his go-to Jeep gun.
For a while now I have been searching for a rifle to just leave in my jeep. Oh, I keep a tricked out Remington 870 in the Jeep and have been known to have some sort of pistol in reach pretty near all of the time. However, a lot of the country that I live in is wide open and isn’t really shotgun or pistol country. And, since it is pretty close to the Rio Grande, I figured that something that held a whole lot of bullets might not be all that bad. Continue reading

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Who Killed Joe Sitter?

Who Killed Joe Sitter? Sheriff Jim WilsonRecently, I told the story of how US Mounted Customs Agent Joe Sitter was killed in an ambush in a remote canyon on May 23, 1915. That killing has always been blamed on the border bandit Chico Cano. But there is good reason to question that assumption. Continue reading

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The Cinco Peso Badge

The Cinco Peso badge is the badge most closely associated with the Texas Rangers.However, it has a rather unique history that is more closely associated with border lawmen in general. Continue reading

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Adventures of a Texas Storyteller

Sheriff Jim Wilson proves that you actually can get a Jeep stuck in the mud.
See, here’s what happened. On our way down to the canyon where Joe Sitter was killed, I saw this little mud hole. Not a problem! After all, I was driving a Jeep and I had 4-wheel drive. Continue reading

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