The Texas Border Special

texas-borde-special-colt-lightweight-commander-45ACP-Baranti-Tol-Dawson-holster-sheriff-jim-wilson-LOWhile I was working as Chief Deputy and later Sheriff of Crockett County, Texas, I was pleased to meet Tol Dawson, a retired Texas Ranger living in Del Rio, Texas. Tol made some of the nicest gun rigs that I had seen in quite some time. I had him make me one of his holsters for my Colt .45 Commander, a magazine case, and a chap-leather gun belt. Continue reading

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A Carry Pistol

Sheriff Jim Wilson's Colt Lightweight Commander 1911 in .45 ACP A Carry PistolThis story starts, as many do, with me walking into a gun show. This was our little Labor Day show right here at home, if it matters. The third table I came to had a pristine Colt Lightweight Commander from the late 1970s. Now, like I really need another 1911. Continue reading

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It’s a Border Thing

Custom Silver Handgrips For One of My 1911s. Sheriff Jim WilsonThe first ornamental metallic pistol stocks that I ever saw were those that came out of Mexico. Metal overlayed with gold and silver, these Mexican stocks were usually adorned with the Aztec calendar or the Mexican eagle & snake symbol that is featured on their flag. When I was a young man they were quite popular with lawmen and pistolians on both sides of the Rio Bravo. For some reason, they just never caught on with Glock shooters, though. Continue reading

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Classic Handguns: The Browning Hi Power

Sheriff Jim Wilson's Signature Series Browning Hi PowerWhile I believe that the 1911 pistol, in .45 ACP, is the finest fighting pistol that we have to date, it is not the most common pistol to be used in shooting scrapes throughout history and around the world. That title would have to go to the Browning Hi Power. Since its inception, the Hi Power has been used by the armies of Belgium, England, Canada, Germany, China, Israel, and Australia….and I’m sure that I’m leaving a few countries out. Continue reading

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