Overcoming Threat-Fixation & Tunnel Vision

Tunnel vision can be caused by a number of things, including health issues, but we are going to look at tunnel vision as it relates to life-threatening, dangerous situations. It is the physical phenomenon that occurs when we get up close and personal with someone, or something, that we perceive as an immediate threat to our lives.  In those instances, we often focus on the threat to the exclusion of everything else that is going on around us.

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Defensive Shooting: A Quickly Diminishing Skill

Sheriff Jim Wilson Tactical Reload

Personal defense isn’t about cool guns and gear, although we all enjoy cool guns and gear. It is, however, all about what you can do with the weapons and equipment when the need arises, and we are forced to take action. Probably the most overlooked aspect of defensive shooting is the fact that shooting skills are quickly diminishing abilities. In this regard, it is like all other functions that require precise hand-eye coordination.

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Law & CCW: What You Need to Know for Self-Defense

We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of being able to hit quickly and accurately with one’s defensive firearm. Almost as much time is spent discussing the combat mindset and our ability to recognize and avoid trouble whenever possible. Of equal importance, however, is knowing and understanding what the law says about when and where it is lawful to use deadly force, should that become necessary.

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Empty Chambers

Lately, I have been hearing that some people are carrying their defensive semi-automatics without a round in the chamber. I suppose that this is most often done with a thought to increasing the safety of the handgun and avoiding a negligent discharge. However, it considerably defeats the purpose of the defensive handgun.

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