fort-richmond safaris-ph-leon-duplessis-winner-moore-maker-kim-jim-wilson-linda-powell
Fort Richmond Safaris PH Leon DuPlessis, the winner of our Professional Hunter contest, being presented his Moore Maker knife by the winning team… Jim Wilson & Linda Powell.

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Bwana Clem

Bwana Clem Sheriff Jim WilsonDear Mr. Wilson

Welp, since I last wrote to you I have just about decided that there isn’t a place for me as a famous defensive shooting instructor. I went out there to that GunCite place and told them I was ready to go to work. This feller named Campbell told me that he would have to see me shoot before he could make up his mind. So I shot. Then he said I had to shoot on the range… and not in his office. After that, he just didn’t seem very friendly… so I paid him for that little ol’ bullet hole in his computer screen and left. Continue reading

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An Unexpected Trophy

Sheriff Jim Wilson Takes a Red Hartebeest hunting in South Africa with Fort Richmond SafarisHere is another trophy animal that I had no intention of hunting before I arrived at Fort Richmond Safaris. It is a red hartebeest. Frankly, looking at pictures of them, I thought it looked kind of stupid. However, I was present when Linda Powell took her hartebeest and had the chance to examine it up closely. The hide is beautiful and the horns are impressive. Grilled hartebeest backstrap is mighty appealing, too. Continue reading

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A Real Trophy


When we were planning the plains game hunt with Fort Richmond Safaris, in South Africa, I had a list of things that I wanted to hunt and other animals that I really wasn’t interested in hunting. Fortunately, I was smart enough to admit that I would make my final decision after seeing these critters on the hoof. Sometimes they just look different in the flesh and other times the difficulty of the hunt makes them a desirable trophy. Such was the case with the zebra. Continue reading

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