The Good Samaritan

When I have the time and the weather permits, I like to go for a walk and get a little exercise. In my little town, it’s a rare day that two or three people don’t stop and ask if I need a ride. Quite a bit of America is still that way—taking the time to help others. However, a person needs to keep in mind that there is a darker element in our society, and a helpful citizen can quickly become just another victim.

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Self-Defense: Stick WIth What’s Tried and True

Sheriff Jim Wilson on the range Gunsite Academy

We live in an era of instant gratification, and this can be a real pitfall for the defensive shooter. There is a great temptation to believe that people can quickly become adept at defensive shooting if they have a certain kind of gun, holster, ammo, and other accessories. There is a further temptation to look askance at those who go their own way and don’t follow whatever the popular trends of the moment might be.

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Making it Second Nature: Pistol Practice Goals

Experiencing a violent criminal attack is likely to be the most extremely stressful experience a person ever has. It will almost certainly come when a person least expects it. It could very well come under low-light conditions when it is difficult to see the attacker and know precisely what he or she plans. It may involve multiple attackers, making it even more difficult for the armed citizen to keep tabs on them and what they are up to. In short, the armed citizen will have their hands full just keeping up with what is going on and implementing a personal defense plan.

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A Critical Self-Defense Skill: The Tactical Reload

Sheriff Jim Wilson Tactical Reload

The tactical reload is a term for topping off your partially empty pistol. It has been termed a method of getting your pistol fully loaded when there is a lull in the fight, but let’s examine the technique a bit further.

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