Building Your EDC Kit: 3 Critical Components

We always advise the new defensive shooter to get the best quality firearm that they can possibly afford when it is the gun that their life might depend on. The rest of the story is that the same advice holds true when we are considering a holster, belt and ammo carrier to go with that concealed-carry handgun. Too much is not enough to pay when a life may hang in the balance.

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Help Tell a Great Story: Sponsor “It’s a Cowboy I Will Be.”

The Western Expansion—where people came from, the hardships they endured—is a tale of courage that shaped the fabric of the West. The Scottish Drovers were an important part of the saga. Forced by dire economic conditions to leave their homeland, some came West. There they combined their knowledge of cattle with cowboy skills learned on the trail and so became Cowboys.

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Country Living: Security & Self-Defense in Rural Areas

Country home at dusk. Sheriff Jim Wilson

For many Americans, one of the big goals in their lives is to reach the point when they can move out of the city and begin to enjoy country living. It may be farm/ranch property, or just a few acres in the country where they can enjoy the quiet and solitude. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that personal defense is just as important in the country as it is in the city. That said, it will take on different forms in the new environment, and it is important to modify one’s personal-defense plan to accommodate these changes.

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Get a Handle on Your Carry Gun: Building Confidence in Your CCW Pistol

The Modern Technique of the Pistol teaches the Combat Triad as a major part of personal defense with a firearm. The three parts of the triad are marksmanship, gun handling and the combat mindset. Of the three, gun handling is quite often overlooked and sometimes even taken for granted.

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