A Couple John Wooters Stories

John Wootters and Sheriff Jim WilsonBesides being one of the greatest outdoor writers of our time, John Wootters was also one of the best joke and storytellers. We all loved going on the gunwriter hunts when we knew that John would be there. It was a solid guarantee of some good tales and a lot of laughing. Here are a couple of stories that John told me… Continue reading

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Memories of a Hunt

The skull of an African cape buffalo taken by Sheriff Jim Wilson in Mozambique, bain in 2012.Yesterday I took delivery of the cape buffalo that I collected in Mozambique, the summer of 2012. Richard Mann, Il Ling New Continue reading

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Skeeter Skelton, You Like to Got Me in Trouble

The Smith & Wesson Model 19 is the Cadillac of Snub-Nosed revolvers.In 1968, I went to work for a 50-man police department up in North Texas. We had to buy our own leather and guns. And the guns had to be either Colts or Smith & Wesson revolvers. We could carry magnum guns, but they had to be loaded with department-issue .38 Special +P ammo.

When I first signed on, the department issued Super Vel ammo with the 110 gr hollowpoint bullet. And I can tell you that these light bullets did not perform well on 180 pound (and up) critters. Finally, we went to some Smith & Wesson brand ammunition that used a 125 gr bullet. It was an improvement, but it sure wasn’t a magnum! Continue reading

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A Preview of Things to Come

The Countess from Baranti Leather Sheriff Jim WilsonThis will give you a heads up on a project that I’ll be working on in the coming weeks. The pistol is a 1911 from Turnbull, in .45 ACP. This is a very nice reproduction of the original 1911 Commercial Model pistol. I have examined the gun, but not shot it yet. But I am impressed with the fit and finish of this pistol and expect it to do well during testing. The traditionally small sights, common to that era of 1911, will be a challenge for these tired old eyes, but we’ll give it our best. Continue reading

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